upaces88 provided this link about a Congressman, Mike Bost (Illinois) protesting changes made to a proposed pension bill offered by House Speaker Michael Madigan, a Democrat. The bill had recently cleared a House committee and has been endorsed by Gov. Pat Quinn.”Total power in one person’s hands—not the American way!” Bost screamed from the state House floor.As the local CBS Chicago affiliate reported, Bost then threw several papers in the air and attempted to punch them with his fist as they drifted downward.

BUT – While this was enlightening, It led me to another YouTube video which is the subject of this post.

Indeed, America must WAKE UP!:

The agenda for a New World Order is advancing at an exponential rate as it continues to unfold under the radar. Sovereign nation’s like the US now seek “International Permission” instead of “Congressional Approval” to provide a legal basis for combat…

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