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Anger toward Islam binds players behind film

By Michael R. Blood

Associated Press

DUARTE, Calif. — The shared belief that radical Islam threatens the world brought together an ex­convict, an insurance salesman and a Christian charity in production of a crudely crafted film that ridicules Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad and has incited violent pro­tests across the Middle East. Media for Christ, a nonprofit that raised more than $1 million last year “to glow Jesus’ light” to the world, was listed as the production company for the film. Steve Klein, a California insurance salesman and Vietnam War veteran who has spent years protesting at mosques and espousing hatred of radical Mus­lims, acted as the film’s promoter. Federal authorities have identified Nakoula Basseley Nakoula as the key figure behind the film. A federal law en­forcement official on Thursday said that au­thorities had identified Nakoula as the man using the pseudonym Sam…

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