Israel must act against Iran

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09/05/2012 22:41
As frightening as it sounds, Israel has no choice but to act. We need to bomb Iran before it is too late.

US Air Force F-15E releases a GBU-28 Bunker Buster

Photo: REUTERS/Handout

Israel now finds itself at a perilous crossroads.

Despite several rounds of international sanctions, Iran continues to advance its atomic ambitions with dogged determination, defying the world as it marches steadily toward the nuclear finish line.

And yet, even as this existential threat grows ominously more real, the United States, France and other Western countries seem more resolute about thwarting an Israeli pre-emptive strike than stopping Iran from going nuclear.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Israel now faces a stark choice: either to rely on America to ensure our security or simply go it alone and protect ourselves.

Underlining the sense of urgency was a quarterly report issued late…

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