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Published on Aug 18, 2012 by NuLegends

“Sarah Palin Song” – Visit Nu Legends http://www.nulegends.org to buy the 2012 #1 “Sarah Palin Song” and read the story about the making of this video ad. Music video that doubles as a Romney Campaign 2012 ad! Surrounded by dedicated union members and a party driven family Rowdy Branson finds himself being drawn away from the group and finally yields to his inner calling to shed the ways of the left and become a full fledged Republican. With no one to turn to except his band mates he embarks on an adventure like none other. Inspired by visions of his American Super Hero – Sarah Palin. As Fellini might of said – “It’s a beautiful dream”! … the “Sarah Palin Song”

Bringing Conservative Artists and Producers together!
…to help shape America’s future!

Nu Legends is a group of struggling conservatives based in…

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