The Tree of Mamre

Mike Huckabee is doubling down on his support for Todd Akin, and challenging other social conservatives to do the same. The analogy Mike Huckabee draws is that Todd Akin is a “wounded soldier” on the battlefield, and that by not standing beside him people are leaving him to die on the battlefield, or, worse yet, “shooting our own soldier”.

A few comments are in order.

If Akin were really a “wounded soldier” on the battlefield, the first thing any battlefield commander would do would be to pull him out of action and send him back to the rear. However, Akin is not a “wounded soldier”: He is an incompetent junior officer who is getting other soldiers killed and whose incompetence may cause our side to lose the battle.

A good commander would have such men fired or even court marshaled. One way or another, they would relieve these men…

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