Praise God 😀


The many parables about the discovery and growth of “Kingdom of God” suggests that both elements; finding and nurturing are both needed. They are, on the surface, contradictory terms… as are the many metaphors about finding pearls, and planting seeds. Discovery is an all-at- once  event ;  growing takes time and tilling.

As in the case of the pearl, it is perceived by us as fully formed; not as commonly thought to be the result of an irritating grain of sand, but a process of the oyster lending it’s shell to the pearl . One out of 10,000 does produce a pearl unless the seed of it is implanted in an adult and is a cultured product. Does that mean that God does not have a hand in the production of this rare and beautiful gem? Of course not.

The kingdom of God grows gradually. As in the persistent scriptural reminders; “It is…

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