Pray For Annie!

Armor of God

Many of my readers know my friend Annie from Lupus Chronicles and her problems with Lupus and related disorders. She is facing a new challenge and she has asked that we pray for her.

‘The week before last, I had my mammies grammed- negative! Then I came home, showered the gell of me and noticed a lump. Saw the doc that afternoon and she stet me up for a consult w/ a breastsurgeon and an ultrasound. Radiologist said US showed either sebaceous cyst or lipoma.

Doc wanted me to see breast surgeon for removal of either; breast surgeon did Ultrasound in her office and I’m scheduled for excision of that has and bx on Monday. That she mentioned lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation in the same phrase as possibilities spooked me. Up until now, I’ve had a gazillion biopsys– for lupus-related calcifications. But this one scares me. Loopy, can you…

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