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At I Have Hepatitis C…Thanks Uncle Sam!, we have a bit of sad news from a blogger experiencing sickness and the discomfort that accompanies his illness. phoebe53 left this request.

I try to convince him that he needs to get some exercise otherwise he will lose muscle, can you help me convince him of that?

Persuasion is difficult at best. Unless, we can punish that person we want to influence for disobedience or reward them for obedience, even if what they want to do is wrong, most will just do whatever it is they want to do. Perhaps our stubornness explains this Bible passage.

Psalm 119:65-72 Good News Translation (GNT)

The Value of the Law of the Lord

65 You have kept your promise, Lord,
and you are good to me, your servant.
66 Give me wisdom and knowledge,
because I trust in your commands.
67 Before you punished me, I used to go wrong,

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