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Thought crucifixions were a thing of the past? Well think again. Crucifixions are alive and well in Islam under the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood, the bunch that Obama invited into the White House as friends, the bunch that Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin has close ties too. The bunch that got a security waiver to meet with Obama without clearance. Crucifixion in under the Muslim Brotherhood is not reserved for Christians although the most barbaric torture is. People listen to Obama praising the contributions of Islam, but have their heads up their asses and refuse the truth.

If given half a chance Obama would see America under Islam. Don’t depend on your elected “leaders” to stop Obama, folks that is up to you. Vote Obama and his clan of anti-American Muslim lovers out on November 6, 2012. Nobody else can do it for you.


Muslim Brotherhood Begins…

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