“The American Idea” – Understanding Paul Ryan

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If you have listened to Paul Ryan’s speeches since he was named Mitt Romney’s running mate, you may have picked up on a phrase that he often uses, “The American Idea.” This is the key to understanding him, where he comes from and what has made him the man he is today.

“The American Idea” is the title of a book that Jack Kemp put out in 1984. Ryan has spoken of Kemp in his speeches as his mentor, so this is yet another way that he is honoring him. One can not grasp the magnitude of the impact that Kemp had on someone unless you experienced it yourself. Fortunately, I did and was literally seated across from Ryan in a cubicle at Empower America back in ’93-’94 when he did as well.


Since becoming House Budget Committee Chairman, the media has characterized Paul Ryan as simply a budget-cutter.  That…

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