Photoshop: Obama supporter tweets Gay Love Picture of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

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This is both Homophobic and Racist.

Ahh the tolerant left.

Any gay man with a set of real balls would be insulted. That is  since they are so tolerant of the right, particularly a Mormon and a Christian, That just so happen to be Rich and you guessed it, White too.  How is it they allow their brothers on the left to get away with such hate and using their private Gay lifestyle as a means with which to bash someone else?  Follow me here.

Hey look at those faggots Mitt and Paul. LOL Fudge packers!  Do you see now?  They are belittling  these two ‘Rich White Guys’.  But what are they using to cut at them?  The LGBT lifestyle.  So what is it Left?  You hate the Gays so you use the lifestyle they live as a battering ram to take down someone else that you don’t like?


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