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The First Saudi Woman to publicly announce her faith in Christ!

Sunday, 05 August 2012
She is the first Saudi-Arabian woman to become Christian. This has made Saudi officials extremely angry. It is to the extent that they called to take necessary measures to deal with Christian evangelism in Saudi Arabia.

According to Mohabat News, internet sources as well as independent Shi’ite websites that promote Shi’ite thoughts and beliefs in Iran, reported last week that a Saudi woman who introduced herself as “Maryam” announced in a video published on the internet that she has forsaken Islam and converted to Christianity.

She said in the published video that she hasn’t removed her Hijab for fear of her life and to keep her identity unknown.

The publishing of the video on the internet has angered Saudi officials and Muftis. They highly criticized the video and called urgently for necessary measures to stop…

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