I Killed BIN Ladin!

There has been many, and I mean  many negative and derogatory words said about the Current commander in chief 😉 , But lets not forget his ACCOMPLISHMENTS, Let us not forget the man took an oath to protect, defend and uphold the United State of America And  Its Constitutions, and against all foreign and domestic enemy’s( Not withstanding ” his own and his staff actions and policies [that would not count in the oath: Read the Small , very , very small prints under the Oath of office for The United State Presidency])’. Now lets talk about the Great work Commander in Chief has done “if he was working for me I would put him up for a raise…wooo, wait a minute, he is working for me;Dang!  Hussein the raise is coming, Yes we can!


Well there are so many Pluses  for our Commander, Which  I do not know where to begin? Well let us start with how he paid all the big banks big money and did not produce a single thing he promised. That takes talent, real talent, be proud America you paid for it :). Let us not forget how he orchestrated the Arab Spring and ousted Mobark  out of office, thus creating a very unstable Country, which intern Made the region very

dangerous for all especially Americans. Who cares about our allies,especially Israel! I mean, lets face it they are just  bunch of Jews occupying a land given to them by GOD, ( Well who cares about that!). Then he kissed Iran’s behind , just for good Measures, hey lets not forget he got Noble peace  award not even few months in his commander chief post. OHHHH, before I forget and not give the due where the due is due he is the only Commander in Chief which ESTABLISHED WHAT THE KING OF ENGLAND COULD NOT;, when he tried to increase the colonies taxes.( I do no see any Boston Tea Party) Do you? What Am I talking about? I am just talking about Great Obama MANDATORY HEALTH CARE, Which is design to enslave Americans and imprison them if they do not comply.

Before I forget you are paying close to $5.00 a gallon for Gas, from $1.60 per gallon before Obama took office, and yes you owed the world over $15 Trillion + in national dept . And Remember the New Slogan, As Stalin and Hitler have said it : And Obama is repeating It….” Forward”………….[All that comes to this bloggers mind is “Hale Hitler”


There are many more,,, oh yes” HE Killed BIN LADEN, YES FOLKS HE WENT UNDER COVER whit S.T.6 and KILLED LADEN: He said so himself “, So Hail “Führer.”

Read the Post below and ask yourself did I do the right thing the last Election, when I put him in Office?

NY Times: Obama’s Afghan Trip ‘a Squandered Opportunity’

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 11:45 AM

By Martin Gould

President Barack Obama missed the perfect chance to explain his plans to bring American troops home from Afghanistan during his nationally televised speech from the war zone, the New York Times claimed on Wednesday. “The White House set it up as a big moment, but the president squandered the chance to fully explain his exit strategy from a war Americans are desperate to see brought to an end,” the Times said in an editorial. Calling Obama’s speech from the Bagram Air Base “frustratingly short on specifics,” the liberal bastion of the establishment said, “Mr. Obama didn’t explain what the United States and its allies planned to do to improve the training of Afghan forces so they can hold off the Taliban. Nor did he explain what President Hamid Karzai plans to do to rein in the corruption and incompetence that are the hallmark of his leadership and that have alienated so many of his own people, playing into the hands of the Taliban.” The paper said even the one thing that the trip did accomplish, the signing of a strategic partnership with the Karzai-government, “is also short on specifics.” “We are increasingly concerned that Mr. Obama does not have a clear policy to ensure that the country does not implode once the Americans are gone,” the Times said. The Times said the timing of the visit, to coincide with the first anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden, was “contrived,” but lauded the president for using “only a tinge of triumphalism.” “Mr. Obama’s strongest argument for staying in Afghanistan for another two years is that it is the main base for continuing that fight and that, by 2014, the United States will be able to withdraw without seeing it turn once again into a haven for Al Qaeda. He didn’t make the case Tuesday night,” the editorial concluded.”© 2012 Newsmax. All rights reserved.