Recently I was doing some research in the library. A couple of computers away sat a gentleman, John, I’d spoken with once before. We recognized one another and began a conversation.

To appearances, John and I have very little, if anything, in common. He’s black, I’m white. He grew up in an inner city, me in a small town in Kansas. He was finely dressed in a suit and tie, I looked more like I belonged in the garden. He’s a fundamental Baptist, I’m a liberal Methodist.

John is the pastor of a city church. It’s in a somewhat depressed area. I’m active in a church recognized as being in an affluent area. His church is very small, mine fairly large.

NOPE. John and I have NOTHING in common!


Our mutual love for Jesus Christ!

As I said, I was doing some research (on predestination and free will.) John…

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