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Tuesday’s photo challenge: the letter “P”: THE POLAROID PHOTOGRAPHER:

photo by frizztext, click on the image to enter his flickr galleries; comment: portrait-photographer in “Little Odessa”, New York: Coney Island; caught in a Russian dancing bar in Brighton Beach – comment by mezze = Annet Planten: oh yes, the polaroid-men … I knew one in Amsterdam, cruising the restaurants at night, sometimes bingo, most times not… That’s a hard way to earn some money (and besides: Polaroid-film is expensive and no longer easy to get). But maybe it’s better than selling roses?
This week’s topic for our A-Z ARCHIVE Tuesday’s photo challenge: the letter “P”: introduce one photo of your own archive with an “P” keyword for example POLAROID PHOTOGRAPHER (like me) or PYGMEE tribes, Pakistan or Pepsi Cola, Perfume or Poetry, Pavilions or Pontiacs, Painters or Peanuts, Penguins or Pirates, Police or Pain, Prayers or Politics, about…

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