Obama’s Eligibility

Several States Seeing Challenges To Obama’s Eligibility

February 22, 2012 by

Several States Seeing Challenges To Obama’s Eligibility

Efforts to force President Barack Obama to prove his eligibility to be President are moving in several States.

A complaint in Georgia has moved to the appellate level, and a new complaint was recently filed asking Pennsylvania State officials to set aside Obama’s 2012 candidacy because he cannot meet the State’s eligibility requirements. Cases are also reportedly developing in Mississippi, Alabama and other States, according to WND.com.

So far, courts have ignored, thrown out or refused to hear any evidence that would challenge Obama’s status as a natural born citizen.

The Constitution requires the President be “a natural born Citizen.” That requirement is not listed for Representatives or Senators.

WND.com reports:

The Pennsylvania case was raised by Dale Laudenslager and Charles Kerchner, whose previous legal challenge to Obama’s term in the White House also was based on eligibility concerns and reached the U.S. Supreme Court, where the justices refused to look at any evidence.

According to a report from the team whose members filed the complaint, Kerchner asserted that after years of research, it “has been determined” that Obama is not eligible to hold the office [sic] president because he is “not a natural born citizen” under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution.

As I wrote here, “Obama’s fake birth certificate proves his ineligibility to hold the office, for if the elder Barack Obama from Kenya, East Africa is Obama II’s father, he was not then and never was a U.S. citizen. Hence, Obama is not a child “’of citizens of the United States.’” Therefore, he is not a natural born citizen.

And Obama has to be aware of his natural born citizen problem, according to the Pennsylvania complaint, because “he co-sponsored a Senate resolution regarding Sen. John McCain, determining although McCain was born outside the boundaries of the U.S. while his father served in the military, he is a ‘natural born citizen’ because he was ‘born to American citizens.’”