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I sat and listened to the Republican candidates for president debate tonight. As I listened, I thought about something Rush Limbaugh mentioned on his show today. He spoke of Newt Gingrich as an advocate Conservatism — of Gingrich’s role in defending Conservative values. Gingrich is a less than perfect Conservative, but he has eloquently confronted the media elites.

I also thought of an editorial the Washington Times published last Friday, WOLF: Mitt defends Mitt while Newt upholds conservatism. While reflecting upon the debate performances of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, Dr. Milton R. Wolf made an interesting observation. Whereas Romney defended himself, Gingrich defended Conservatism. Instead of tacitly accepting the validity of the Liberal narrative and Liberal beliefs, Gingrich advocated Conservative beliefs. As Limbaugh observed in today’s show, when he does this, Gingrich serves as a vessel for the Conservative cause.

RUSH:  Newt is a vessel.  The heads of…

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