NOTICE: This Site will BLACK OUT tomorrow in Protest!!


In a show of solidarity with Internet FREEDOM FIGHTERS both Lorinov’s Blog and the American Nationalist Journal will be BLACKED OUT tomorrow for 12 or 24 hours to demonstrate against the US government’s continued and repeated efforts to censor the Internet and destroy our RIGHT to FREE SPEECH! I suggest ALL Americans blackout their sites tomorrow for 12-24 hours and join this protest and show of FORCE of WE THE PEOPLE! It’s time to STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK against the Nazi SLIM ASSES in Government who think they are going to impose tyranny upon us! THEY AREN’T!! We WILL STOP them!


Starting tomorrow for anywhere between 12 and 24 hours numerous Internet sites are planning to blackout globally in a demonstration against Internet Censorship. This means when you go to these sites tomorrow you will see NOTHING! Among those planning to be a part of this global protest are Wikipedia, Inforwars, Twitter, Reddit. Several social networking sites and news sites have indicated they may join the protest as well tomorrow.

This protest is against Internet Censorship and against the US governments repeated attempts to censor the Internet in America and curtail free speech. It is a show of support for an Open Internet and FREE SPEECH!

THERE IS A WORDPRESS PLUGIN FOR BLACKING OUT TOMORROW that you can download to your blog from WordPress.  It’s called “Simple Stop SOPA.”  It will display a message explaining why your blog has blacked out and show a video about censorship.  It will blackout your site from 8am to 8pm local time tomorrow.  It can be found at:

Rather than doing that I’m going to set this blog up tomorrow on its own black out.  No new posts and no comments will be allowed for 12-24 hours tomorrow on this blog.  I’m going to post the censorship video with a message about the black out tomorrow.


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  1. Looking back: OK, the SOPA fell by the wayside. But it’s a grim victory: Congress just decided (while we weren’t looking) that they’re going to be able to “re-copyright” whatever has gone into public domain:

    “Supremes: Congress can extend copyright terms if it wants to. Even if this removes works from the public domain.”


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