Paardenstalmest Horse manure
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Perhaps y’all missed this on Hannity, as did I……
As of 2009, 35 Jihad facilities right here in our own country???? If ever a law needs changing, this is it !!! Apparently, our president without a plan is pleased with their presence and an inevitable attack on Americans…AGAIN! Perhaps they should start with the Oval Office! Lord, help us!
Unbelievable that something like this is allowed to happen in this country. Truly shocking!
Truly scary. All I can say is be prepared…. Lock and load!
.. This is unbelievable .. Pass it on …
If these were American militias, they’d all be arrested. But no, they are Muslims and protected by the Constitution. That’s a lot of horse manure! Civil War part 2 may happen in my lifetime and I know whose side I’ll be standing with.
All of you need to view this video.
Keep those guns handy… May need them sooner rather than later.

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