I told you so!

Saturday June 25th 2011, as you are about to do your “Normal things you do in every Saturday,” remember the following can and will and is happening here in USA, make no mistake we are being over run by a very smart enemy .America is being  conquered from within. Islam murders 3000+ and we reward them by building a Mosque in the same site  Muslims murderers created. Go ahead and do your normal things today, but remember I told you so! 

Is this what America will end up as?

Intimidation on the Rise in Islamist-Controlled London Borough

Posted by Ryan Mauro

From CAN:

An investigation by the Sunday Telegraph has documented over a dozen instances where residents in the Tower Hamlets borough of London have been intimidated over violating Islamic teaching. The borough’s mayor, Lutfar Rahman, won as an independent with the support of an Islamist group called the Islamic Forum of Europe last year.

In one incident, a Muslim was severely beaten for smoking during Ramadan. Several teachers said they feel “under pressure” from Muslim extremists to conform to their beliefs. The newspaper also found that hate crimes against gays have skyrocketed by 80 percent since 2007, including a 21 percent increase in 2010. Some of these crimes include attacks on attendees of a gay bar. Extremist preachers like Khalid Yasin that condemn homosexuals have preached in Tower Hamlets.

Mayor Rahman was elected as an independent after the Labor Party expelled him. He was removed as council leader of Town Hamlets six months prior because of the controversy surrounding his Islamist ties. The Telegraph previously revealed that Rahman has had Islamist texts placed into libraries, appropriated more than 10 million pounds to affiliates of the Islamic Forum of Europe, and has put the organization’s officials in positions of power.

“It really is Britain’s Islamic republic now,” one senior Labor Party official told the newspaper.

The Telegraph has broken several incriminating stories about the Islamic Forum of Europe. Undercover reporters have recorded its leaders talking about replacing democracy with Sharia law and holding meetings with known extremists.

“It was the execution of a careful and sophisticated plan by a small, well-financed and highly-organised cabal to seize control of a London borough,” wrote the Telegraph’s Andrew Gilligan.

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  1. What? Intolerance among the Muslims? Perish the thought. Why, they’re the most tolerant, peaceful, sharing folk that ever beheaded an infidel.


    1. My friend you can not be any closer to the fact, but the fact themselves. Thank t=you for your hard work exposing the lies 🙂


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