Can You Find “FAMILY VALUES” in America Today?

Can You Find “FAMILY VALUES” in American homes today, and you do not have to look far, Just look withing the four walls you are sitting and reading this sentence !


Lillian Baker Wolff

Somebody has said that a cynic is somebody who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Is it possible that we live in a cynical age? There are many who do not know and appreciate family values. They don’t treasure their family. They mock at the Father’s counsel and say that the Mother is an old foggie. Ever heard those words?

Satan has put out an all-out assault on the home and especially on the head of the home…the Father. Listen to me please, gentlemen. The devil’s goal is to mastermind the home and destroy it. He will start with you. It is sickening the number of children who are being raised in a single-parent home. The father is absent and often is nowhere to be found, leaving the mother alone to raise and support the children. This was not God’s plan at all when He founded the home. Actually the home is the basic unit of society.

We must remember that God established the home before the government, before the school and even before the church. As the home goes, so does society, as well as our nation. The home is the basic unit, established by God with one man, the husband, and one woman, the wife, and their children. We live in a day when anything goes and it is not necessary to be married in order to live together and produce children. It is my opinion that this means that there is no real commitment, or it is just a temporary commitment. Nothing is permanent or lasting. Marriage and the home have lost their value to some.

Then there are others who walk away from their commitment of marriage, having found what they thought was a better deal. But remember that sometimes what looks like a better deal can become an ordeal, especially when the deal was made outside the will of God. God says that He hates divorce. Regardless of who is responsible it is ugly and brings shame and hurt to so many. It has a lasting effect on the values of the home and the children and grandchildren.

Hollywood and television are doing a lot to undermine the family values. In yester- years, the films were based around the home, such as Ozzie and Harriet, Leave It To Beaver, Little House on the Prairie, or Father Knows Best. Many feel that Father Knows Nothing and they can live their lives being rebellious and “doing their own thing”. Pardon me if I reminisce at bit, but it was possible to sit down with the family and watch a wholesome show without dirty words and you didn’t have to worry about the morals of people, who like ally cats were jumping in and out of bed with anyone that came along. What an effect this has on young, formative minds. Where have our values gone? Parents, it is our responsibility to see that good morals are taught and watched over in the home. Not only taught, but lived. Father, you are the responsible party, along with your wife. Children are allowed to watch anything without any parental restrictions. Teens can fill their minds with anything and everything that is on the big screen. God gave parents so that they could guide their children in the right way. The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6


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