A Poop Story

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Now here is something you don’t normally hear nor read about, but it is true. If you formed a smile by the end of this story, don’t feel bad it is funny. So if you own a dog and you are in rural part of Mississippi, please curb your dog.



25 March 2011 Last updated at 22:40 ET


Defecating dog sparks US shootout

Dog defecating – file image Respect property, police said

Two neighbors in the US state of Mississippi drew weapons and fired at each other as an argument over a defecating dog ran out of control.

Associated Press news agency said Jerry Blasingame, 60, has been charged with assault for shooting Terry Tehnet, 52, with a shotgun.

Mr Tehnet was angry because he thought Mr Blasingame’s dog had defecated on his lawn, in a rural part of the state.

Mr Tehnet, whose injuries are not life-threatening, may also be charged.

The two men gave AP different versions of what happened.

‘Meet me at the levee’

Mr Tehnet said he visited his neighbor to complain about dog “poop” in his property.

Mr Blasingame blamed him for shooting his dog the week before, Mr Tehnet said, and told him: “Just meet me at the levee and I’ll shoot you down.”

Mr Blasingame told AP he got his gun and drove off but Mr Tehnet did not follow so he returned to the neighborhood.

The two men confronted one another again and each claimed the other produced a weapon first.

“He shot twice, I returned fire,” said Mr Blasingame.

Mr Tehnet said Mr Blasingame opened fire first with his shotgun so he took his pistol from his car and fired back.

He said he was hit in hands, the shoulder, chest, and side by shotgun pellets, AP reported.

Washington County Chief Deputy Sheriff Billy Barber said: “Homeowners and property owners need to respect each other’s property… If a dog did that in your yard, call the law. Don’t take matters into your own hands.”


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  1. Good morning, I couldn’t agree with you more. Matthew Chapter 24 is being unfold verse by verse.


  2. Evil is being unleashed upon the world and now there can be no doubt of that. This is going world wide rapidly and even here in the US we are seeing a groundswell of hate, anger and violence. Seems that even the Earth is in a state of rebellion. No one wants to believe the end times could be upon us and yet one has to wonder.


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