Little Green Book Chapter 2(Thoughts of a Lunatic)

I. 2

Islam and Colonialism


Europe [the West] is nothing but a collection of unjust dictatorships; all of humanity must strike these troublemakers with an iron hand if it wishes to regain its tranquility. If Islamic civilization had governed the West, we would no longer have to put up with these barbaric goings-on unworthy even of wild animals.

At a time in the West so primitive that there is no recorded history of it, when its inhabitants were still wild, and when America was still a land of half-wild redskins, the peoples of the Persian and Roman empires were forced to live under despotism, oligarchy, favoritism, and absolute rule, without the slightest participation or right to participate in their own government. It was then that Allah, through his prophet, sent us the laws whose scope has amazed mankind.

The homeland of Islam, one and indivisible, was broken up by the doings of the Imperialists and despotic and ambitious leaders. The Muslim people, one and indivisible, was broken up into several peoples. And when the Ottoman Empire struggled to achieve Islamic unity, it as opposed by a united front of Russian, English, Austrian, and other imperialist powers, which split it up among themselves.

Western missionaries, carrying out secret plans drawn up centuries ago, have created religious schools of their own within Muslim countries. We did not react against that, and this is what it led to: These missionaries infiltrated our villages and our countrysides, to turn our children into Christians or atheists!

The Islamic movement met its first saboteur in the Jewish people, who are at the source of all the anti-Islamic libels and intrigues current today. Then came the turn of those even more damnable representatives of Satan, the imperialists. Within the last three centuries or more, they have invaded every Muslim country, with the intention of destroying Islam. They have been aware ever since the Crusades that only Islam, with its laws and its faith, can bar the way to their material interests and political power. They sent missionaries into Muslim cities, and there found accomplices within the universities and various information or publication centers, mobilized their Orientalist scholars in the service of imperialism – all of that only so as to distort Islamic truths.

Their plan is to keep us in our backward state, to preserve our backward state, to preserve our pathetic way of life, so they can exploit the tremendous wealth of our underground resources, of our land, and our manpower. They want us to stay destitute, distracted by niggling day-to-day problems of survival, our poor living in misery, so that we will never become aware of the laws of Islam – which contain the solution to misery and poverty! All of this they have done so they can sit in their big palaces, living their stupid shallow lives!

Many of these corruptions have their origin in the gang that is in power, and in the family of a despotic and capricious ruler. These are the rulers who create hotbeds of lust, prostitution, and drugs, who devote the revenues of the mosque to building cinemas!

Islam does not have kings or crown princes. If that’s a fault, well then, Islam is a faulty religion!

What do you understand of the harmony between social life and religious principles? And more important, just what is the social life we are talking about? Is it those hotbeds of immorality called theaters, cinemas, dancing, and music? Is it the promiscuous presence in the streets of lusting young men and women with arms, chests, and thighs bared? Is it the ludicrous wearing of a hat like the Europeans or the imitation of their habit of wine drinking? We are convinced that you have been made to lose your ability to distinguish between good and evil, in exchange for a few radio sets and ludicrous Western hats. Your attention has been attracted to the disrobed women to be seen on thoroughfares ad in swimming pools. Let these shameful practices come to an end, so that the dawn of a new life may break!

All governments of the world rely upon the power of their bayonets. We know of no monarchy or republic in the world today which is based upon equity and reason; and all maintain themselves in power only through oppression.

The leaders of our country have been so deeply influenced by the West that they have regulated the standard time of their country upon that of Europe (Greenwich Mean Time). What a nightmare!

In the past century, during which European medicine and surgery have been introduced into Iran, our leaders have forgotten our traditional medicine and encouraged a handful of inexperienced young men to study this cursed European medicine. Today we realize that illnesses such as typhus, typhoid fever, and the like are curable only by traditional remedies.

The clergy must undertake no functions other than religious ones which serve monotheism, virtue, the teaching of divine laws, and the uplifting of public morals. The army must also be under the control of the clergy in order to be efficacious and useful.

We [clergy] forcefully affirm that refusal to wear the veil is against the law of Allah and the Prophet, and a material and moral affront to the entire country. We affirm that the ludicrous use of the Western hat stands in the way of our independence and is contrary to the will of Allah. We affirm that coeducational schools are an obstacle to a wholesome life; they are a material and moral affront to the country and contrary to the divine will. We affirm that music engenders immorality, lust, and licentiousness, and stifles courage, valor, and the chivalrous spirit; it is forbidden by Qur’anic law and must not be taught in the schools. Radio Tehran, by broadcasting Western, Oriental, and Iranian music, plays a nefarious role by introducing immorality and licentiousness into respectable families.

Ulamas [scholars] and other ecclesiastics are not permitted to run the theology schools set up by the state. State intervention in this domain is always a pretext for the destruction of the foundations of Islam on orders of the imperialists. This happens in all Muslim countries without exception.

Members of the clergy who, wearing clerical garb, cooperate in one way or another with such schools of theology must be shinned by all true Muslims. It is forbidden to associate with them, to indulge in collective prayer in their presence, to make use of their services for the repudiation of one’s wife, to pay legal alms to them, to invite them to officiate at funeral ceremonies, or to listen to their sermons at meetings organized by the state with the sole intent of having them preach lies and diabolical anti-Islamic thoughts.

We see today that Jews – may Allah bring them down! – have manipulated the editions of the Qur’an published in their occupied zones. We have to protest, to make everyone understand that these Jews are bent upon the destruction of Islam and the establishment of a universal Jewish government. And since they are a cunning and active people, I fear – may Allah protect us from it! – that sooner or later they may succeed in attaining this goal, that through the weakness of some among us we may one day find ourselves under Jewish rule – Allah preserve us from it!

Some scholarly Orientalists, agents in the pay of the imperialists, are working to transform the Islamic truths. The missionaries, those other agents of imperialism, are also busy throughout the Muslim world in perverting our youth, not by converting them to their own religion, but by corrupting them. And that is the very thing imperialists are after. In Teheran itself, propaganda centers for Christianity, Zionism, and Bahaism, have been set up for the sole purpose of luring the faithful away from the commandments of Islam. Is it not our duty to destroy all these hotbeds of danger to Islam?

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