Islamic Terrorism Timeline

The Arab League
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1960 to 1969


August 29, 1960: Jordon‘s Prime Minister, and 11 of his associates, were assassinated with a bomb placed in a public building. It remains the primary form of regime change in the Islamic world.

May 29, 1964:The Palestinian Liberation Organization, known by the acronym PLO, was created on this day, changing the world forever. The PLO became one of the world’s most successful political, religious, and paramilitary enterprises. Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egyptian President It was conceived at a Cairo Summit by the Arab League at the behest of Egyptian President Nasser in 1964. The Palestinian Liberation Organization first convened in Jerusalem on May 29th 1964.

On June 2nd the PLO announced: “The right of the Palestinian Arab people to its sacred homeland Palestine and affirming the inevitability of the battle to liberate the usurped part from it, and its determination to bring out its effective revolutionary entity and the mobilization of the capabilities and potentialities and its material, military and spiritual forces.” It was a declaration of holy war.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization‘s charter called for the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel, calling it “illegal.” Their means would be the constant application of terror. The PLO was and remains committed to replacing the Israeli community with an Islamic nation called Palestine.

The PLO and its member groups are controlled, funded, and equipped by the Islamic governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kuwait, and Iraq and by America and Europe. The Palestinian Liberation Organization is by far the richest terrorist club on earth with nearly $10 billion in assets. According to the United Kingdom’s National Criminal Intelligence Service, “the PLO has an annual income of $2 billion from charitable Islamic donations, OPEC funding, American and European Union Aid, extortion, payoffs, illegal arms dealing, drug trafficking, money laundering, and fraud.” Before his death, the Economist confirmed that Yasser Arafat alone had personally confiscated $900 million. The Daily Telegraph reported in 1999 that the Palestinian Liberation Organization had $50 billion invested around the world. In the PLO, OPEC and Islam have coalesced into a terrorist machine of considerable prowess.  .

The PLO is a conglomerate composed of many Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic political and religious groups and terrorist organizations. According to its founder, “The PLO‘s goal is to drive the Jews into the sea.” Their vision of “Palestine” is an exclusive Arab/Muslim enclave that includes all of present-day Israel from Galilee, the Jordan River, and the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean, from the Sinai to Lebanon. Today, the PLO is indistinguishable from the political party Fatah, the governmental entity known as the Palestinian Authority, the secret police unit Force 17, and the terrorist group al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. The five organizations share common leadership, members, and ambitions.

Ahmad Shukeiri, first chairman of the PLO, 1964-7

Ahmad Shukeiri was the PLO‘s first Chairman, reigning from 1964 through 1967. He was born in Lebanon to a Turkish mother and became the Syrian delegate to the United Nations in the late 1940s, unraveling the myth of “Palestinian.” Shukeiri was Secretary General for the Arab League from 1950 to 1956, and Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United Nations from 1957 to 1962 – which means Shukeiri had to share the Saud’s Wahhabi/Salafi fundamentalist interpretation of Islam.

PLO Logo

On May 28, 1964, Ahmad Shukeiri nominated representatives from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza (which was part of Egypt), Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq to attend his “Palestinian” Conference in East Jerusalem. His attendees all wore badges, similar to the PLO logo today, that showed all of Israel under their control along with a mission statement which read: “We Shall Return.” The reason for return, rather than stay was emblazoned on their badges was that in 1948 the Secretary General for the Arab League had told the Muslims living in what had become the state of Israel, to leave the land so that Islamic Arab armies could sweep in and slaughter Jews more efficiently and effectively.

The introductory address at Ahmad Shukeiri’s “Jordanian, Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Saudi Arabian, Iraqi, and Turkish” Liberation Organization gala was made by King Hussein of Jordan – the man responsible for killing more “Palestinians” than anyone on earth. In his foundational speech, Shukeiri lied, telling delegates that the “Palestinians had experienced 16 years of misery and it was time they relied on themselves and liberated Palestine from the Israelis.” The reason I said he lied was because at the time he spoke those words, the so-called “Palestinian people” were the most free, best educated, and most prosperous Muslims on the planet. Integrated into the free society of Israel and isolated from the oppressiveness of Islam, they had thrived. But thanks to the Palestinian Liberation Organization, that relative success would soon be a fleeting memory.

Following the Six-Day War in 1967, the Islamic states which had created the PLO lost much of their legitimacy. A young and virile Yassar Arafat - only infected with Syphillis, and not HIV yet. Yasser Arafat, one of the five founders of the terrorist organization and political party al-Fatah, took advantage of the resulting power vacuum and became Chairman of the PLO in 1969. Since he remained in control of Fatah, the two organizations essentially merged. In the years which followed the PLO also absorbed the Palestine Liberation Front, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Palestinian Democratic Union, the Palestinian People’s Party, the Hawari Group, the Abu Abbas Faction, the Arab Liberation Front, the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, the Palestinian Arab Front, Force 17, Black_September, and the Palestinian Authority. Collectively, they became very adept at killing Americans and Jews, with Robert Kennedy becoming their most famous victim.

As detailed in its charter, the PLO was founded to destroy the Israeli state and to kill as many Jews as possible in the process. While there are those who say that the PLO has significantly altered its rhetoric and goals, all evidence is to the contrary. Facilitating an appreciation of this harsh reality is one of the many purposes of the Islamic Terrorism Timeline.

There are those who claim that the PLO amended their Charter in 1988 to accommodate the “land for peace” process touted by America, but that is not accurate. A committee without authority recommended the alteration so that the PLO would continue to receive American and European aid, but the amendment was never voted upon and the Charter itself remains unchanged. And frankly, the words on the page would be meaningless to the Islamic community and would have no effect on terror.

In the guise of the Palestinian Authority, the PLO in its addresses to English-speaking audiences has on occasion postured the notion that Israel has the right to exist, so long as an independent Palestinian state is carved out of her territory. But that too is merely a ploy.

Unfortunately, Muslims don't even have to cross their fingers to wiggle their way out of a promise.

The PLO‘s strategy, confirmed by Yasser Arafat’s own admission, was based upon Muhammad’s example at Hudaybiyah. There, Muhammad, without sufficient arms to conquer his hometown of Mecca, promised to stop terrorizing his kin for ten years, so long as the Meccans would allow him to visit Allah’s rock pile of idols known as the Ka’aba. The merchants of Mecca honored the agreement but the Muslims violated the treaty a dozen times in the first 12 months according to their own witness. Then, at the end of the year, once the Meccans had been lulled into a false sense of security, Muhammad and the first Muslims roared into town with an army more than twice the size of the Meccan population and conquered the place, imposing Islam under the shade of their swords.

But since Muhammad was supposed to be Allah’s Messenger, and thus a man of his word, Islam’s lone prophet revealed the 9th surah of the Qur’an which states that any treaty between Muslims and Infidels is not binding on the Muslims. If you are not familiar with this treaty, or the concept of the “legal lie” in Islam, please read “The Tormented Terrorist,” “Blood & Booty,” and “Legacy of Terror” chapters of Prophet of Doom – Islam’s Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad’s Own Words. Until you possess an appreciation of the fact that deception is not only permissible in Islam, but essential to the religion, you should not engage in any discussion relative to thwarting Islamic terrorism.

When Yasser Arafat stood with Yitzhak Rabin in 1993 at the conclusion of Bill Clinton’s Oslo Accords and said that he conditionally recognized Israel’s right to exist and promised to stop terrorizing Jews for Israeli concessions, including control over autonomous regions and access to considerable funding, several things occurred. The Jews honored the agreement and the Muslims did not. In his next speech in Arabic, Arafat told his Muslim audience that he had signed the agreement with the Infidels in the spirit of Hudaybiyah. The politicians and media yawned and innocent people started to die in unprecedented numbers. It was just like American’s failed “War on Terror,” which served to geometrically increase terrorism rather than reduce it.

Article 18 of the Palestinian Liberation Organization Covenant reads: ” The claims of historic and spiritual ties between Jews and Palestine are not in agreement with the facts of history or with the true basis of sound statehood…. The Jews are not one people with an independent personality because they are citizens to their states.” What they were saying was that since the Qur’an was incompatible with history and spiritual truth, history and spiritual revelation (i.e., the Bible) are wrong. The basis of statehood in their mind was the anti-Semitic religion of Islam, or Submission in Arabic. Moreover, the Palestinian Liberation Organization was staking their claim. In his opening remarks at the PLO‘s convening summit, the first chairman announced: “the PLO is to the official representative of the Palestinian people.”.

What was also interesting in this initial maneuvering is that the founders of the PLO, who represented Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, didn’t see fit to give the “Palestinians” any of their land. And yet they had all gained control over it the same way the Jews had – by way of allocations from Britain following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I. In fact, Israel represented less than 0.2% of the Middle Eastern territory controlled by the surrounding Islamic nations. It is no richer or better, and because it is insignificant in size, the motivations behind the PLO agenda had to be other than the “liberation” of this tiny swath of rocky and barren earth.

What’s also telling in this regard was that at their initial meeting, the PLO stated: “This Organization does not exercise any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip (governed by Egypt), or on the Himmah Area (controlled by Syria).” Remember, this was prior to the Six-Day War so the PLO‘s sponsors controlled the territory upon which the overwhelming preponderance of “Palestinians” lived. Therefore, the PLO and its sponsors wanted what belonged to the Jews, nothing more, nothing less. With this in mind, those who promote the idiotic notion of Israel trading land (which it has too little of and Islam has too much of) to Muslims for peace (which Islam has never known) are morally, judgmentally, and intellectually handicapped.

What is ironic regarding the PLO‘s assertion that “a Palestinian state must be established on the historic lands of Palestine” is that the last of the “Palestinians,” a name derived from the Philistines of Gaza, were annihilated by the Assyrians and Babylonians (from today’s Iran and Iraq) in the seventh century BCE. So there are no “Palestinians,” and there haven’t been any for 2,600 years. To refer to people as “Palestinians” simply perpetuates a purposely deceptive marketing myth. Prior to 1948, the Muslims who lived in Israel called themselves Muslims, Arabs, Egyptians, Syrians, and Jordanians. But now, by calling themselves “Palestinians,” and the land “Palestine,” those who are ignorant of history can be compelled to believe that the place is theirs and that the Jews must have stolen it from them.

There is no “historic land of Palestine” either. The oldest name for the region is Canaan, and that name is only found in the Torah. If you want to use it, then you’d be wise to see what else Yahweh’s revelation has to say about this place. But that aside, the Canaanites no longer exist as a people. Nor do the Hittites or Phoenicians who also occupied portions of today’s Israel. The land became known as Judea and Israel following the Exodus in 16th century BCE – 3,600 years ago. The land continued to be known as Judea (actually Yahuwdah (meaning “belongs to Yah), named after one of Ya’aqob’s sons, who in turned was named after Abraham’s God: Yahweh) and Israel (actually, Yisra’el, meaning “those who live with and are empowered by God) for 1,700 years. With the exception of a couple of forced “time outs” in Assyria and Babylon due to bad behavior, Jews (actually Yahuwdym, meaning “those who are related to and belong to Yah, or Yahweh”) called this land home.

But then in the second century CE, a very bad man, the founder of the Jewish religion, Rabbi Akiba, annulled the Torah and established a new religious and political order based upon the decrees of “enlightened men” called “rabbis,” meaning “those who are exalted.” In 133 CE, Rabbi Akiba, in his lust for power, doomed the Jewish people and put the pieces in place that led to the Holocaust and to the PLO. He, knowing that it was a Yowbel or Jubilee Year, announced the arrival of the Messiah, a revolting warlord known as Bar Kokhba. Together they led a revolt against Rome that caused the Romans in 135 CE to change the name of the land from Judea to Palestina. In the process the Romans killed a million Jews and expelled all remaining Jews from the land, enslaving most of them. This created the Diaspora. To add insult to injury, the Romans salted the land as they had Carthage so that no one would be able to live in Judea for centuries. Therefore, no Akiba, no Diaspora. No Diaspora, no Holocaust. No Akiba, no Rabbinical Judaism, Oral Law, or Talmud. No Rabbinical Judaism, Oral Law, or Talmud, no Islam as the Qur’an was a twisted variant of them. No Akiba, no Palestine. No Palestine, no PLO.

The history of the Palestinian Liberation Organization is intertwined with that of Yasser Arafat and al-Fatah. For a greater understanding of terror’s richest and most effective killing machine, you’ll want to pay close attention to them as we move through time.

While the Muslim Brotherhood gave birth to terrorist organizations like the PLO and Fatah, like HAMAS and al-Qaeda, it’s appropriate that the Islamic Terror Timeline opens with the founding of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The PLO and its allied franchises were responsible for the successful exportation of Islamic terrorism, serving as role models to aspiring jihadists. The PLO was the first terrorist association to successfully target Jews since Muhammad and the first Muslims had annihilated them in Saudi Arabia. And the PLO was the first Islamic enterprise to effectively target Americans. As a result, the PLO became the cause celeb of the Islamic world and the genesis of the Islamic Terror Timeline.

September 1, 1965: A British official was murdered in Yemen by fundamentalist Muslims. Two weeks later, these same terrorists tossed a grenade into a crowd of British children in the Aden airport terminal.

October, 1965: The Palestinian Liberation Organization, now a communications vehicle for the Arab League, summoned the Muslim world, calling for a jihad against Israel. Their strategy was to provoke Jews sufficiently via acts of terrorism that they would respond against the so-called Palestinians. The Jewish response to terror would be publicized throughout the Islamic world to fan the flames of hate and motivate Muslims to rise up in arms against the Jewish state.

November 22, 1966: In Yemen, a DC-3 commercial airliner was blown up in flight. All 28 passengers were killed by the bomb Islamic fundamentalists placed in luggage aboard the plane.

6 Day War, Israeli soldiersJune 5-10, 1967: Egypt’s, Jordan’s, and Syria’s desire to destroy Israel was thwarted when Jews crippled the Islamic coalition’s ability to fight with preemptive strikes against their airfields. Israel, fighting the Islamic aggressors on two fronts, gained control of the West Bank, Gaza, the Sinai, and the Golan Heights in six days.

The UN, sided with the Muslims and demanded that Israel withdraw, calling Jerusalem “occupied territory.” America concurred. Jews, listening to their atheist general, and wanting to please world leaders, foolishly gave control of the Temple Mount to the defeated Muslims who then precluded Jews and Christians from visiting the world’s most important site.

July 1967: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, known as the PFLP was founded by George Habash, a member of the PLO. Dr. Habash would inspire some of the most gruesome terrorist acts in modern history. He would also train and promote “Carlos the Jackal,” an animal whose life we will examine up close and personal.

The PFLP began life as a Marxist organization and over time became Muslim. Like the PLO, the PFLP was an outgrowth of the Arab League. As such Habash’s organization was originally called the Arab National Movement. It was formed in Lebanon, where George Habash had studied medicine at the American University in Beirut.

The ANM formed underground branches in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In June 1967, the ANM merged with Youth for Revenge, the Palestinian Liberation Army, and Ahmed Jibril’s Syrian-backed Palestine Liberation Front to form the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

By early 1968, under Dr. Habash’s leadership, the PFLP trained several thousand terrorists, most of them Islamic jihadists in bases in Syria and Jordan. And they did not let this training go to waste. The timeline which follows is punctuated with horrid acts of PFLP terrorism. Their bloody hands would soon reach across the world.

In the early 1970s, George Habash’s deputy, Wadi Haddad, was recruited by the KGB as an agent. The USSR became a significant money and arms supplier to the PFLP. It was during a time that Marxist Muslims controlled much of the Middle East.

But the secular nature of the PFLP was its undoing. Over time, Islam became much more fundamentalist with the jihadists carrying the day. So the PFLP was forced to merge into Yasser Arafat’s PLO in late 1968, becoming the organization’s second largest faction behind Fatah. The PFLP partially withdrew from the PLO in 1974 but rejoined in 1981.

As an independent entity, the PFLP essentially ceased to exist after the First Intifada called by Fatah and the subsequent Oslo Accords. They became just another acronym to which Yasser Arafat could outsource terror without implicating himself. By the 1996 Palestinian elections, the PFLP was irrelevant because the fundamentalist Islamic HAMAS was winning converts at an alarming pace. Their ever-popular suicide bombings and Saudi/Kuwaiti social services had been irresistible.

What’s ironic about the PFLP, and its stated desire to “liberate Palestine” from the Jews, is that there never would have been a Jewish state in Israel had the Islamic leadership (the Grand Mahdi (also known as the Mufti) of Jerusalem) not sided with the Nazis. He cut a deal with Adolf Hitler to supply Muslims for service in the Satanic order of the SS so long as Hitler agreed to prevent Jews outside of Germany from leaving those countries. This action doubled the Holocaust death toll. As a consequence, the world (with the Islamic fiefdoms voting against and the UK abstaining) voted to establish the state of Israel.

November 22, 1967: The U.N. issued one of the most hypocritical and ignorant resolutions in its history: UN 242. I believe that it will serve as the model for the land for peace initiative that will sweep the Antichrist into power. The resolution claimed that land ownership could not be transferred by armed struggle when that was how every national entity had come to possess their land – including America.

September 3, 1967: Osama bin Laden inherited millions when his Yemenite father, Muhammad bin Laden, the owner of the largest construction firm in Saudi Arabia, died in a Beechcraft private aircraft crash either in Texas or Hamis Musayt, in southwest Saudi Arabia, depending upon which source you believe.

Muhammad bin Laden had married 22 times and had fathered 55 children. Osama bin Laden was the 17th child of this religious womanizer. He was the son of Muhammad’s 10th wife, Alia Ghanem who was a Syrian.

At the time of his father’s death, the man who would become the world’s most infamous terrorist, Osama bin Laden, was being indoctrinated in fundamental Salafi/Wahhabi Islam in schools and mosques under the control of the Saud royal family – schools and mosques built by his father. Make no mistake, the beast who would murder thousands of Americans was manufactured by the religion of Islam in religious and academic facilities supported by the Saud warlords, build by the bin Laden company, and funded by OPEC. The West paid the tab for the feudal factories that made the terrorists that killed them.

Osama’s life history will be detailed when he first forms the MAK in Afghanistan during the Great Jihad. You’ll find this entry on December 26, 1979.

But while we are on the subject of Muhammad bin Laden and his fortune, let’s linger a moment and see how it shapes America’s future and the lives of five American presidents (Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush). While the money trail will take us way ahead of our timeline, understanding the connection between crude, Islam, terror, and American politics is worth the detour.

To begin, the bin Laden company grossed $5 billion annually, making it one of the largest Islamic companies in the world. It all began in 1964 when Prince Faisal (Saud bin Abdul Aziz) deposed his half-brother, King Saud, and began rebuilding the fiefdom which had squandered its OPEC fortune in meaningless personal indulgences and excess. But despite their rising oil wealth by way of the OPEC cartel and confiscated petroleum assets, Saudi Arabia was insolvent. So some say that King Faisal accepted the Yemenite Wahhabist Muhammad bin Laden’s offer of assistance and support. Others claim that King Abdul Aziz was simply pleased with the construction work Muhammad bin Laden was doing on his royal palace. But whatever the reason, as a reward, King Faisal issued a royal decree awarding all future construction projects to bin Laden’s construction company. The OPEC monopoly created a construction monopoly, all working in harmony with a destruction monopoly known as Islamic terrorism.

Muhammad bin Laden would make his initial fortune from having the exclusive rights to all mosques, religious buildings, and Islamic schools in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East – including the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem where his firm continues to destroy the Temple Mount. And in that religious imposition and oppression isn’t possible without a show of arms, several of bin Laden’s initial construction projects were: $1.3 billion for the construction of Security Force housing units in Jeddah, $1.3 billion for the National Guard projects at Mecca, and another $1.1 billion for construction of the Kharaj Military City near Riyadh. He was also awarded $1.1 billion to build a new Royal Palace for King Faisal in Mecca and another $4.0 billion to refurbish the area surrounding Allah’s Ka’aba – the center of Islamic power and oppression and the wellspring of Islamic terror.

And this means that Muhammad bin Laden built the facilities that corrupted his son Osama into becoming the world’s best-known Islamic terrorist. It also means that the West paid the bill by way of OPEC.

During his life, Muhammad bin Laden became a Shiekh and one of King Abdul Aziz’s closest associates. All the while, Muhammad bin Laden was a devout fundamentalist Muslim and he demanded that his children observe his strict Wahhabist religious code. So in death, he left an enduring, yet foreboding legacy.

Salem bin Laden, one of Muhammad bin Laden’s oldest sons, took over the family religious enterprise upon the patriarch’s demise. He was Saudi King Fahd’s closest friend – and thus he too was a fundamentalist Wahhabi Muslim.

And this is where it gets especially interesting. Salem bin Laden’s fortune was invested through James Bath, his sole U.S. business representative. In 1977 his most notable investment was in Arbusto Energy (Arbusto is Spanish for “bush”), a firm founded and run by George W. Bush – the president of the United States during the 9/11 bin Laden attack. The commission earned on the investment allowed James Bath, who was a member of the Texas Air National Guard along with George, to write a $50,000 check to his pal, making him a partner too.

The James Bath, bin Laden, George Bush connections include President George H.W. Bush recruiting Bath into the CIA according to Time Magazine. And there was even a commercial air transport connection that evolved through this relationship because Bath purchased the Houston Airport on behalf of Osama bin Laden’s brother, Salem, in 1976.

That financial transaction was made possible by Khalid bin Mahfouz, the son of the founder of the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia. Khalid Mahfouz who inherited a fortune from his father, became richer still when Salem bin Laden died in a Texas plane crash in 1988. Among the assets he inherited from Salem bin Laden were the Houston Airport and bin Laden’s interest in George W. Bush’s Arbusto – the floundering Houston oil firm.

Arbusto Energy merged into Harken Energy, which Khalid Mahfouz remained involved through his BCCI representatives. George Bush, who served as Harken’s CEO at the time denies having any recollection of Khalid Mahfouz’s investment or involvement in Arbusto or Harken. Yet according to the Modern History Project, Khalid Mahfouz was the largest shareholder of the Harken Energy Company.

What’s interesting here is just how impossible it would have been for George W. Bush not to know his partners. In 1982, a year after George H.W. Bush had made the transition from the CIA and UN to Vice President, Arbusto became known as Bush Exploration. Knowing that the company was sinking, the new Vice President leaned on a family friend, Philip Uzielli, and asked him to invest $1 million in his son’s and Salem bin Laden’s Bush Exploration in exchange for a ten percent stake at a time when the whole company was valued at less than $400,000.

Arbusto/Bush nearly collapsed again in September 1984 when it was forced to merge with Spectrum 7 Energy. With George W. Bush still at the helm as CEO, the combined enterprise reported a net loss of $1.5 million in 1985 and was ultimately sold to Harken Oil and Gas in 1986. In 1987, the Saudi investor Abdullah Taha Bakhsh bought 17% of Harken. Also buying in at this time was Ghaith Pharaon, a lead player in the BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International scandal that we will detail in a moment. And that all brings us back to Khalid Mahfouz, BCCI’s director, leading shareholder, and George W. Bush’s business partner.

Before we follow the Khalid Mahfouz and BCCI trail to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, you should know that George Bush’s Arbusto Energy/Bush Exploration/Spectrum 7/Harken Oil and Gas was saved from financial collapse again in January 1990 when the company that couldn’t succeed in Texas was mysteriously awarded a contract to drill for crude off the coast of Bahrain. The move shocked industry insiders since Harken had no previous experience outside of the U.S., nor any drilling experience offshore. But George’s daddy was a powerful man with OPEC connections and Khalid Mahfouz was a player in the world of Islam. Moreover, it was all a sham. In June 1990, George W. Bush sold most of Harken to a Los Angeles business broker. A week later Harken announced an overall loss of $23.2 million, triggering an investigation by the SEC into the sale.

All the while George Bush’s boss, Khalid Mahfouz, was increasing his net worth to $3.2 billion by money laundering, tax evasion, bribery, illegal investments, arms trafficking, the sale of nuclear weapon technologies, drug smuggling, illegal immigration, and through the support of Islamic terrorism according to the BCCI Affair Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate. BCCI, the Bank of Credit and Commerce international, was founded in Pakistan in 1972. In 1991 BCCI became the world’s worst financial scandal in what was called the “twenty billion dollar heist.” George W. Bush’s financial partner was the director of and the largest shareholder in BCCI at this time, owning a 20% stake. But he wasn’t alone; John Kerry’s Senate report found that former U.S. Defense Secretary Clark Clifford was heavily involved in BCCI, too.

Forbes Magazine said this of George W. Bush’s Arbusto/Harken partner: “In1999 the Saudi government stepped in, buying a controlling stake from Khalid Mahfouz for more than $1 billion. The money was used in part to wipe some of Khalid Mahfouz’s debts from the books. Khalid and his family retained 34% ownership of NCB/BCCI, but he surrendered his management positions…. The extent of Khalid Mahfouz’s mismanagement remains shrouded, but the financial conglomerate did acknowledge last year that provisions for bad loans in 1999 alone were nearly a billion dollars.”.

The situation was much worse than that. Khalid Mahfouz’s BCCI was found to be worthless with more than $13 billion in assets unaccounted for. Investigators in the U.S. and the U.K. revealed that BCCI had been organized to “avoid centralized regulatory review and to commit fraud on a massive scale.” These officials said that BCCI had “its own intelligence network, diplomatic corps, and shipping and commodities trading companies.” BCCI’s auditors, Deloitte & Touche, Price Waterhouse, and Ernst & Young, their biggest investor, the Emir of Abu Dhabi, Bank of America, and the Bank of England were all mired in the unresolved financial house of terrorist trading cards.

But there is more to it than this. Khalid Mahfouz’s BCCI was created with capital from Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan, an OPEC Emir of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (the nation that transferred most of the funds supporting the 9/11 attack), Bank of America (which owned 25%), and the CIA because the CI A wanted a funding route through Pakistan for the Taliban and al-Qaeda Mujahideen. While the timing might seem a bit premature, according to the National Security Advisor of the Carter administration, they funded the Afghan Mujahideen by way of the CIA long before the Soviets invaded Afghanistan as a way to lure the Soviets in, creating a Russian Vietnam. And as an interesting aside, in 1988 BCCI was implicated in a drug money laundering scheme based in Tampa, Florida, called the C-Chase case. BCCI was called the CIA’s money laundering facility, a crime to which BCCI pleaded guilty in 1990. In Khalid Mahfouz, George W. Bush had picked a fine partner.

In March 1991, the Bank of England asked Price Waterhouse to carry out an inquiry on where BCCI’s money had gone. Using the codename Sandstorm for BCCI, they submitted a report that said that under their audit watch there had been “widespread fraud and manipulation.” They detailed how the Abu Nidal terrorist group had held accounts at BCCI’s Sloane Street branch near Harrods in London. Britain’s internal security service, MI5, monitored Abu Nidal’s funds transfers and found that the connection between Mahfouz’s BCCI and Abu Nidal was an Iraqi named Samir Najmeddin. He had been given millions in BCCI financing to fund arms deals with Iraq, always in connection with an American financier named Marc Rich – the financier and campaign contributor convicted of racketeering who was pardoned by Bill Clinton on his way out of office on January 20, 2001. Bill didn’t want Marc spilling the beans.   .

In Craig Unger’s House of Bush, House of Saud, we find that Mahfouz donated over $270,000 directly to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda at the request of Osama’s brother Salem bin Laden – George Bush’s original Arbusto Energy partner. Mahfouz’s lawyer acknowledged that the donation was made but quibbled over the reasons for it.

In U.S. Senate testimony in 1998, CIA Director James Woolsey stated that Khalid bin Mahfouz’s sister was one of Osama bin Laden’s wives, making the two Muslims brothers-in-law – something confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, Fortune Magazine, and the Washington Post. Under an onslaught of costly litigation, some of these claims were later retracted.

The CIA continues to assert that Saudi businessmen have transferred millions of dollars through NCB/BCCI to charities operating as fronts of al-Qaeda. For example, Khalid bin Mahfouz set up an Islamic charity called the Muwaffaq Foundation, meaning “Blessed Relief.” He personally funded this tax-exempt Islamic endowment with $30 million and put his eldest son, Abdul Rahman bin Mahfouz, on the Board. But in October 2001, the U.S. Treasury Department named Mahfouz’s Muwaffaq Foundation “an al-Qaeda front organization.” The director’s assets were subsequently frozen by the U.S. Treasury Department.

The United Nations has postured numerous allegations that Khalid bin Mahfouz, George Bush’s financial partner, was engaged in funding terrorism. These charges came as a result of a report prepared by JCB Consulting Group for the President of the Security Council of the United Nations in December of 2002. In this document, Khalid Mahfouz was listed as “one of the seven main individual Saudi sponsors of al-Qaeda.” So one of the largest investors in Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda was also one of the largest investors in George W. Bush’s Arbusto Energy. That’s not good.

Like his father, Muhammad, Salem bin Laden died in a plane crash. His personal ultra-light flew into power lines in San Antonio, Texas in 1988. But before his death, Salem bin Laden did business with the Regan Administration, providing a vehicle for channeling $34 million in American funds through Saudi Arabia to the Contras in Nicaragua according to French intelligence. But the story of the bin Ladens doesn’t end there.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, George W. Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush, was meeting with Osama bin Laden’s brother and the principle manager of the family fortune, Shafig bin Laden in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington, D.C. They were discussing Carlyle Group investments because the Carlyle Group, which specialized in defense related companies, had earned the right to invest bin Laden assets by appointing their friend, George H.W. Bush, as a paid advisor to their Board of Directors. That is how G.H.W. Bush and the Carlisle Group (managing $44 billion in equity assets) had come to represent the bin Laden family and the Sauds (collectively investing $1.4 billion) in the United States. And it is why they were having breakfast on the morning of 9/11/2001.

But this story gets worse. George H.W. Bush, the Carlisle Group, and the bin Laden family made a fortune in the aftermath of 9/11 because $550 billion was allocated up and above the U.S. Department of Defense budget to fight the “War on Terrorism” bin Laden’s attack had begun. It was in those defense related companies that the bin Laden fortune, by way of the Carlisle Group, was invested.

George H.W. Bush would continue to leverage his relationships with the Sauds, OPEC emirs, and the bin Ladens as a paid Carlisle advisor until 2003, when Michael Moore’s documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 made the cozy association too uncomfortable.

But there was more than one Bush engaged with the Carlisle Group. In 1990, the investment firm appointed George W. Bush to the Board of Directors, and to the Audit Committee of Texas based Caterair International, an early Carlyle acquisition from Marriott Corporation. The Carlyle Group took a 50% stake in the company for $94 million, renaming the company Caterair. The firm was funded by a massive issuance of junk bonds. Bu in 1994, toward the end of George W. Bush’s term, Caterair defaulted on its debt obligations. George W. Bush resigned from the Board and Audit Committee to run for Texas governor two months before the firm declared bankruptcy.

David Rubenstein, one of the founders of the Carlisle Group, described the appointment of George W. Bush to Caterair during a financial conference he was addressing. What follows was reported by the New York Times. David Rubenstein recalled that Republican fundraiser Fred Malek had approached him and said, “There is a guy who would like to be on the Board. He’s kind of down on his luck a bit and needs a job like a Board position.” Though Rubenstein didn’t think George W. Bush, then in his mid-40s, “added much value,” he accommodated his friend put George W. Bush on the Caterair board. “He came to all the meetings,” Rubenstein said. “He told a lot of jokes. Not that many clean ones, though. And after a while I said to him, after about three years: ‘You know, I’m not sure this is really for you. Maybe you should do something else. Because I don’t think you’re adding that much value to the Board. You don’t know much about the company.'” The future president said: “Well, I think I’m getting out of this business anyway. And I don’t really like it that much. So I’m probably going to resign from the Board.” I said “thanks,” not thinking I’d ever see him again.

Is it any wonder that during George W. Bush’s tenure as president of the United States, America’s balance of trade, the true measure of the health of American industry, has risen from an annual negative of $69 billion to a $702 billion? It is a surprise that the annual national debt has gone from a surplus when he took office to over $400 billion in deficit spending under his management?

Returning for a moment to George H.W. Bush’s meeting in Washington on the morning of 9/11/2001 with Shafig bin Laden, the New York Times reported that bin Laden and Bush were called by the Saudi Arabian Embassy. They were told that they needed to separate and leave before they became the targets of American reprisals. With the approval of the F.B.I, according to the Saudi Arabian Embassy, the bin Laden family was collected and flew on a private jet from Los Angeles to Orlando and on to Washington during a time when all air traffic, commercial and private, had been grounded. From Washington, the bin Laden family picked up passengers in Boston, the city where the 9/11 attack had commenced, and then getting FAA approval by way of President Bush, they few on to Europe.

The first comprehensive presentation of al-Qaeda‘s formation can be found on December 26, 1979, when Osama bin Laden met Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Azzam and participated in the Great Jihad.

February 21, 1968: In Israel, Palestinian terrorists associated with al-Fatah, a vocalized acronym meaning “the conquest” in Arabic, used a crude bomb to damage a pipeline in the vicinity of Neot Hakkikar, south of the Dead Sea.

February 21, 1968: Fatah terrorists in Israel fired five mortar shells into the Israeli commune at the base of Masada in the south end of the Jordan Valley. There were no injuries but the target was symbolic. Masada was where a small contingent of Jews had held out against the onslaught of the Roman Legion in 70 CE after the sacking of Jerusalem.

March 18, 1968: In Israel, Yasser Arafat led his first “successful” terrorist strike against Jews. He had achieved first blood. A bus carrying schoolchildren from Tel Aviv on a fieldtrip to the Negev Desert was blown up when it hit an improvised explosive device planted by al-Fatah twelve miles north of the southern Israeli town of Elat. Two Israeli adults were killed and 28 children had their bodies mangled, mutilated, and burned in the blast.

March 21, 1968: Israelis retaliated against the killing of its citizens and the wounding of its children by attacking Fatah members in the village of Al-Karameh, Jordan. The town had become Fatah‘s primary base of operation and the headquarters for the Elat terrorist attack.

One hundred fifty Muslim militants were killed and another 150 were captured by the Israelis during the retaliatory firefight. The Israeli Defense Forces lost 29 soldiers and suffered 70 casualties. The Jordanians intervened with tanks and foolishly protected the terrorist cancer which had grown in their midst.

As a result of American pressure, the Israelis retreated rather than escalate the fighting so soon after the Six-Day War. That was all Muhammad Abdel-Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini, known to the world as Yasser Arafat, needed. The Egyptian Muslim held his coming out party – dominating the cover of Time Magazine. He called the slaughter of his militants a “Great Palestinian Victory.”.

The world’s most ruthless Islamic terrorist was born in Cairo in 1929. His Egyptian mother died when he was five. He was raised by his uncle and his sister at various times as his father remarried and divorced several wives. He attended King Faud University in Cairo but left to smuggle Egyptian weapons to Muslims living in Israel during the 1948 Israeli War of Independence. The young Arafat tried to join the battle and kill Jews himself but the Egyptian government turned him away, wanting its army to operate without the encumbrance of paramilitary units. Feeling betrayed, Yasser Arafat joined the Muslim Brotherhood. It was there that he learned to be an Islamic terrorist.

Arafat would eventually return to school and he would ultimately serve as a second lieutenant in the Egyptian Army – things the Muslim Brotherhood encouraged. Then the man who would become the living embodiment of terror moved to Kuwait in 1959. With the help of Muslim Khalil al-Wazir Abu Jihad, Arafat founded al-Fatah – meaning “the conquest.”.

The aspiring terrorist received all of his initial funding from OPEC Emirs in Kuwait. He must have woven a grand story of Islamic conquest because Fatah‘s first terrorist act wasn’t until 1965. And even then it was a failed attempt to bomb an Israeli water-pumping station.

In 1967, following the Islamic defeat during the Six-Day War, Yasser Arafat escaped Israel by crossing the Jordan River dressed as a woman carrying a baby. It would become symbolic of his life.

Prior to the Spring of 1968, Arafat and his Fatah were relatively meaningless to Israel. But after their deadly terrorist attack on the Israeli school bus, the young nation was provoked into holding the Al-Karameh Palestinians accountable for what they had done to their children. And while the battle was won overwhelmingly by Israel, Arafat ignored the facts in true Islamic fashion, and the aspiring terrorist called his defeat a “great victory.” The battle was detailed by Time Magazine and Yasser Arafat, whose ugly mug was placed on the cover, became the stuff of legend.

The world’s most famous terrorist became an Islamic hero by mutilating Israeli school children. He was touted as “the man who could stand up to the Jews.” As a result, young Muslims desiring the thrill of jihad, flocked to him and to Fatah. That brought with it an unprecedented gusher of OPEC funding. The world would never be the same.

And so it was, the Egyptian born, Kuwaiti financed, and Muslim Brotherhood corrupted terrorist became the embodiment of Islam’s quest to rule the world and rid the planet of Infidels and Jews. The Era of Islamic terror had begun.

Sirhan SirhanJune 5, 1968: Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles by Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian associated with Fatah and the PLO.  The Muslim militant was irritated by Kennedy’s pro-Israel positions. Yet even to this day, very few Americans understand that the motivation for the murder of Robert Kennedy was Islam. Over the coming years, a variety of Islamic terrorist groups would commit heinous acts, all designed to win Sirhan Sirhan’s release.

Since Islamic terrorists have made the name “Palestinian” synonymous with the most vile acts in human history, I am pleased to apply it to them. While I will never call Israel and Judea “Palestine,” I will call the Muslim misfits who have ruthlessly butchered innocent Jews and Americans “Palestinians.”.

July 23, 1968: An Israeli El Al flight en route from Rome to Tel Aviv, Israel with a crew of ten and thirty-eight passengers, was hijacked by four Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Islamic terrorists and forced to land in Algiers, Algeria – an OPEC, Marxist Muslim fiefdom.

The Algerian government, working with the PFLP, immediately released the 19 non-Jewish passengers. They were flown to Paris the next day. Some of the Israelis were freed and flown to Geneva before going on to Tel Aviv. Then the Algerian government, and not the PFLP terrorists, became the hostage takers and continued to hold the plane with seven Jewish crewmembers and five Israeli male passengers for five weeks.

In a joint PFLP and Algerian press conference, officials asked the International Red Cross to supervise the exchange of the Israeli crewmembers and passengers in Algiers for convicted and imprisoned Palestinian terrorists in Israel. The Israeli government denounced the hijacking as airborne piracy, and they asked the Algerian authorities to release the plane and the Israeli passengers and crew. But the Algerians were part and parcel to the crime. Welcome to the world of state-sponsored terrorism.

After five weeks the Jewish kidnap victims were exchanged for 16 Muslim militants who were imprisoned in Israel for committing acts of terrorism. As part of the politically inspired exchange, the two Palestinian and two Syrian PFLP kidnappers were exonerated of hijacking and kidnapping. While it was the first and last El Al hijacking, this exchange would prove stunningly costly as it would motivate Islamic terrorists to repeat the strategy countless times in a variety of venues.

Capitulation wasn’t Israel’s idea. They refused to negotiate with the terrorists for over a month, knowing that a concession would just inspire more of the same. It was the United States that compelled Israel to acquiesce. America has been pressuring Jews to accede to Muslim demands ever since. The U.S. sacrifices Israel because the nation’s politicians are owned an operated by Islamic crude.

August 3, 1968: A bank was bombed in New York City by the El Poder Cubano – an anti-Castro Cuban mob that was responsible for more acts of terrorism during this time than any other group. This had noting to do with Islam but it’s important for you to know that at this time, Islam did not enjoy a monopoly of terror. That would come later.

As an example of the El Poder Cubano tactics, five days later the British freighter Caribbean Venture was seriously damaged by an underwater explosion as she lay at anchor in Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. El Poder Cubano said they had planted the mine because of British trade with Cuba. The vessel settled five feet in the water after the blast.

August 6, 1968: Palestinian terrorists fired multiple bazooka shells into the Jewish town of Ein Yahav. While Muslims would upgrade their arms to mortars and rockets, aerial assaults of Israeli communities would become a daily occurrence.

August 10, 1968: While it was relatively meaningless by itself, it was part of a bigger campaign. In Turkey today, two firebombs were thrown into the USIS office in Izmir. The anti-American climate in Islamic Turkey would continue to fester and grow.

August 10, 1968: Yasser Arafat’s al-Fatah detonated three grenades in Jerusalem’s Jewish section, injuring eight Israelis and two Americans.

August 19, 1968: Yasser Arafat’s al-Fatah detonated a bomb near the Parliament building in Jerusalem. No one was hurt.

August 21, 1968: Al Fatah terrorists bombed the U.S. Consulate building in East Jerusalem demonstrating their hatred for Americans.

September 4, 1968: Palestinian Muslims detonated three bombs in the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv killing one Israeli and wounding 71 more. Attacking soft civilian targets was becoming a hallmark of Fatah terrorists.  .

September 13, 1968: Syrian al-Sa’iqa terrorists attacked the Israeli police headquarters in Baniyas in the Golan Heights. The facility was destroyed and all five Jews who were inside were killed.

Al-Saiqa (the Storm) was born as an outgrowth of the Syrian Ba’athist party for the purpose of terrorizing Jews. It should be considered as little more than a Syrian-backed faction within the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Like most Syrian/Palestinian terror groups, al-Saiqa’s goal was to destroy Israel.

Due to its close ties with the Syrian regime, the group was originally commanded by Syrian General Salah Jadid, a chief rival of Syrian dictator Hafez al-Asad. When Asad seized power in 1970, he promptly replaced al-Saiqa with pro-Asad officials. But this attack was in 1968, and so the supposed commitment to the Palestinian cause was mostly window dressing for ambitions that were more Syrian than Palestinian. Throughout the late 1960s the group conducted low-level attacks against Israeli targets, rival Arab regimes, and rival Palestinian groups. While Al-Saiqa still exists, it has become meaningless within the Palestinian movement, lacking the secular strength of al-Fatah and the Islamist strength of HAMAS and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

September 19, 1968: Five members of Yasser Arafat’s Al Fatah infiltrated eleven miles into Israel. Well past the Jordan River and the ceasefire line, they ambushed an Israeli army patrol. All of the Muslim militants died and one member of the Israeli patrol was killed. Four IDF soldiers were injured.

October 26, 1968: In the Federal Republic of Germany, three prominent anti-Communist Croatians were assassinated in a Munich apartment. Throughout much of 1968, Communists in Croatia were attacking targets all across Europe.

October 26, 1968: Armed with a revolver, a member of the Black Panthers, Raymond Johnson hijacked a National Airlines flight to Cuba. The Black Panther was arrested and held by Cuba. No one was injured and there were no prisoner exchanges or ransoms.

October 26, 1968: Two Italians hijacked an Olympic Airways jet from Paris en route to Athens to publicize their opposition to the military junta in Greece. The terrorists brandished a pistol and a grenade. They gave the 130 passengers handbills telling them that they had just been punished for going to Greece. No one was injured and no prisoners were exchanged.

November 22, 1968: Islamic terrorists in Israel used a large bomb to kill 12 Jews and wound 52 more in Jerusalem’s most crowed open-air market.

December 26, 1968: Still basking in their July 23rd success, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine attacked another El Al aircraft in Athens, shooting and killing one passenger. In response, Israel destroyed 14 Lebanese planes in Beirut. The two Palestinian hijackers who perpetrated the attack were freed in September of 1970 as the result of a quad hijacking by the PFLP and subsequent prisoner exchange.

December 29, 1968: Yasser Arafat’s al-Fatah claimed “credit” for shelling the Israeli town of Beisan in northeast Israel.

December 31, 1968: In Israel, al-Fatah Islamic terrorists attacked the Jewish settlement of Kiryat Shmona in the upper Galilee. The rockets they deployed had been fired from Lebanon. It was the beginning of a foreboding trend. .

January 2, 1969: A lone Islamic terrorist hijacked an Olympic Airways flight that had departed from Crete en route to Athens. The plane was flown to Cairo, Egypt.

February 3, 1969: Yasser Arafat, in the afterglow of the Time Magazine cover story on his violent and victorious defeat at the village of Al-Karameh, and flush with OPEC funding and jihadist recruits, was appointed Director of the Palestinian Liberation Organization in their meeting in Cairo, Egypt. The ugly face of Islamic terror had a new “Commander-in-Chief of the Palestinian Revolutionary Forces.” The “Chairman of the PLO‘s Political Department” was now Yasser Arafat.

The promoted Islamic terrorist commenced committing a never-ending crusade of terrorist assaults against Americans and Jews. But what is not well known about his promotion was that Arafat was in part selected for this role by the Soviet KGB because they were certain they could control him. Yasser Arafat, it turns out, was a homosexual, something that wouldn’t play well if it were revealed in the Muslim world. The mysterious disease he ultimately died of was AIDS.

But since the PLO Commander-in-Chief was still a long way from dead, his life is one we will follow closely because it was never far from death.

February 18, 1969: Palestinian Muslims attacked an Israeli El Al airliner in Zurich, Switzerland as it was preparing to take off en route to Tel Aviv. The cockpit of the airliner was machine-gunned by the four Islamic terrorists who belonged to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The terrorists fired 200 bullets and lobbed incendiary grenades from their car as the plane taxied down the runway. The Israeli pilot was killed. In the exchange of gunfire between the terrorists and an Israeli airline security guard, one Muslim was killed and three Israeli crewmembers and three passengers were wounded.

The three PFLP terrorists who surrendered were later tried and sentenced to 12 years in prison, a sentence Islamic states denounced as being unfair. The Israeli security guard was tried and acquitted after being accused of killing the Palestinian terrorist after he had surrendered.

Today, the PFLP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the PLO.

February 21, 1969: Palestinian Muslims associated with Yasser Arafat’s Fatah murdered two Jews in a central Jerusalem supermarket. Eight Israeli civilians were wounded in the assault.

February 25, 1969: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian “claimed credit” for detonating a bomb inside the British Consulate in Jerusalem. .

1969: During this time, Muslim militants conducted an estimated 560 raids into Israel from the Lebanese side of the border. The warlords of the OPEC nations had financed and sponsored these brutal attacks.

March 1, 1969: In Germany, Islamic terrorists corrupted by the Muslim Brotherhood used a bomb to destroy an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 707 jet at the Frankfurt Airport. Several cleaning women were injured in the blast.

The Government of Ethiopia blamed the attack on the Syrian-Egyptian Movement for the Liberation of Eritrea. The Islamic Eritrean Liberation Front claimed credit for the bombing.

March 6, 1969: Muslims belonging to the PFLP thought it would be a good idea to detonate a bomb in the Hebrew University cafeteria, so they did, mutilating and burning the bodies of 29 Jewish students.

May 22, 1969: The attempted assassination of the first Israeli Prime Minister, Ben-Gurion, failed but the would-be killers were freed by Denmark.

May 30, 1969: The Trans-Arabian Pipeline in Jordan was sabotaged by PFLP terrorists. An explosive device caused a fire which blocked the flow of oil. A spokesman of the PFLP claimed that his group had intended to have the spill pollute water supplied to Israeli settlements and fisheries in Hutch Valley. And they were somewhat successful. Oil was reported seeping into the northern part of the Sea of Galilee, and oil slicks were seen on the Jordan River.

June 17, 1969: Willie Lee Brent, a Black Panther charged by the FBI with participating in a shoot-out with police in San Francisco in 1968, hijacked a TWA jet from Oakland, California, to New York. The plane was diverted to Havana, Cuba. It was the longest U.S. hijacking to date. Brent remained in jail in Cuba for two years. No one was injured.

June 17, 1969: In Italy, a Muslim student died when a bomb he was preparing in his room in Rome exploded. Leaflets surrounding his body announced an impending attack by the Eritrean Liberation Front.

June 18, 1969: In Pakistan, three armed members of the Islamic Eritrean Liberation Front assaulted an Ethiopian airliner at the Karachi airport. The Boeing 707 was burned in the attack. The terrorists, all of whom were captured, told authorities that they carried out the attack to dramatize their opposition to Ethiopian rule in Eritrea. Since the Islamic Pakistani government was sympathetic to their cause the three men were jailed for less than one year.

On July 31, the Islamic Eritrean Liberation Front issued a communiqué warning travelers that they would risk their lives if they flew on Ethiopian Airlines. Their public relations release said that they would resort to attacks on Ethiopian airliners in retaliation for Ethiopian Air Force attacks on Eritrean villages.

The Eritrean Liberation Front was formed by Islamic students in Cairo, Egypt in July 1960. The primary objective of these Muslims was to force Ethiopia to abandon Eritrea so that they could impose Islamic rule.

Between 1885 and 1951, Eritrea was governed by Italy and Great Britain. Then in 1952, the United Nations combined Eritrea into neighboring Ethiopia. While Eritrea gained some measures of autonomy, the resolution stopped short of creating an independent Islamic republic in Eritrea.

Therefore, the Islamic Eritrean Liberation Front launched offensive terrorist missions against the Ethiopian government in 1961. The terrorist group manifest all of the characteristics of an Islamic organization and showed signs of being affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. By 1970, an internal dispute led to the creation of a splinter group, the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front which became indistinguishable from any other Islamic terrorist organization.

In a 1993 Eritrean referendum, the Eritrean people voted for the creation of a fully independent nation. The current president of Eritrea was once a member of the Islamic Eritrean Liberation Front.

June 19, 1969: Palestinian terrorists used a bomb to damage a power distribution line in Jerusalem, partially blacking out the city.

June 24, 1969: Palestinian Muslims associated with the PFLP used a bomb to ignite a fire in an oil pipeline serving Haifa.

July 17, 1969: In India, a bomb was detonated inside of a USIS reading room in the American Consulate in Calcutta, burning one employee.

July 18, 1969: In London, England, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorists fire-bombed a department store owned by Jewish citizens of the U.K.. The PFLP claimed responsibility for the bombing and warned that there would be more bomb attacks on Jewish-owned establishments in London and in the United States.

PFLP leader George Habbash said, “We shall expand our operations everywhere, in all parts of the world. The enemy camp includes not only Israel but also the Zionist movement, world imperialism led by the United States.” As a Muslim Marxist, Habbash had to please his Islamic and Communist financiers. Terrorism is, after all, expensive.

July 19, 1969: Islamic jihadists associated with the Sudan government firebombed a United States Information Services library in Khartoum. The fundamentalist Islamic regime in control of the Sudan would soon unleash the most deadly genocide in modern history, killing 2.7 million African Animists and Christians.

July 22, 1969: Muslims in the Philippines threw hand grenades into a USIS library in the American Consulate building in Manila, killing one Filipino. They did this because Muslims are hostile to the truth. Honest, open, and informed discussion is the one thing that is lethal to their religion – and thus to the terror Islam inspires.

August 7, 1969: In Israel, Islamic terrorists belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine detonated a bomb inside of an Israeli bus near El Hamma. They murdered two Jews and wounded 12 more in the attack.

August 17, 1969: In London, England, PFLP Islamic terrorists planted several bombs inside the Marks and Spencers Department Store.

August 18, 1969: Six Islamic terrorists hijacked an Egyptian Misrair Anatov-24 flying from Cairo to the tourist destination of Aswan on the Nile River. The plane was forced to land in Jidda, Saudi Arabia.

August 18, 1969: The Israel Touristy Office in Copenhagen, Denmark was bombed by Muslim militants.

August 19, 1969: TWA flight 840 from Rome to Athens was hijacked to Syria, where President Assad was sympathetic to Islamic terrorism. The Palestinian terrorists destroyed the aircraft.

August 23, 1969: Islamic militants bombed an Israeli convention in Izmir, killing one person and wounding another.

August 23, 1969: Jihadists bombed the Israeli Zim Lines office in London, England, wounding one person. The PFLP claimed responsibility.

August 29, 1969: In France, a TWA Boeing 707 flight from Paris was hijacked by two Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorists and forced to land in Damascus, Syria. The plane carried a crew of 12 and 101 passengers.

After the hijack the Islamic terrorists announced to the passengers that the PFLP had taken command of the flight, and they ordered the plane flown to Damascus. Immediately upon landing, the passengers managed to jump from the plane before a bomb went off, destroying the aircraft. Four passengers were injured.

The PFLP said the hijacking and destruction of the TWA jet, along with the hijacking of an El Al Israeli Airlines plane to Algeria in July l968, the attacks on El Al planes in Athens in December 1968 and in Zurich in February 1969, were all part of their plan to strike at “imperialist interests within and outside the Arab world.” Acknowledging their Muslim overlords, they also asserted that “the action was in reprisal for American assistance to Israel.”.

The Syrian government held six Israeli passengers, but freed 105 non-Jewish captives and flew them to Athens and Rome. Four of the Israelis, all women, were released September 1 and were flown back to Israel. The two remaining Israelis were held by the Syrians as hostages for the release of Islamic terrorists held in Israeli prisons. Both hijackers, a woman, Leila Khaled, and Salim Essawi, were taken into Syrian custody but quickly released.

– September 8, 1969: Two Jordanian “Palestinians” threw a grenade into the El Al office in Athens, killing a small child and wounding 13 others. The Muslim misfits who perpetrated this heinous and uncivil act were freed from an Israeli jail the following year as part of a hostage exchange precipitated by another PFLP hijacking/kidnapping.

– September 8, 1969: Arafat’s al-Fatah recruited two teenage boys and motivated the young Muslims to throw hand grenades into the El Al Airlines offices in Brussels, Belgium. Four people were wounded in the blast.

What’s interesting is that while the perpetrators admitted that they had conducted their mission on behalf of Fatah, yet the PFLP claimed credit for the attack.

– September 8, 1969: Two Islamic terrorists calling themselves “Palestinians,” bombed the Israeli Embassy in Bonn, Germany. The PFLP claimed credit.

– September 8, 1969: In the Hague, Netherlands, Muslim militants threw hand grenades into the Israeli Embassy.

– September 9, 1969: In Asmara, Ethiopia, the American Consul General Murray Jackson, was kidnapped along with a British businessman by Muslims corrupted in Cairo. After signing a document stating that he had been instructed in the terrorist’s objectives, and that he had not been mistreated, Mr. Jackson was released.

– September 12, 1969: In Jordan, a bomb went off on the porch of the Amman home of the U.S. assistant army attaché.

– September 13, 1969: Three armed members of the Islamic Eritrean Liberation Front hijacked an Ethiopian Airlines DC-6 with 66 passengers aboard. The flight, bound for Djibouti from Addis Ababa was forced by the Muslim militants to land at Aden, Southern Yemen. One of the hijackers, Muhammad Sayed, 18, was shot by an Ethiopian secret police official who had been a passenger on the flight.

– October 7, 1969: An undisclosed group of Argentinean terrorists bombed a number of American businesses for reasons they never disclosed. Although there were nine attacks, no one was injured.

– October 21, 1969: Marxist Muslim Muhammad Siad Barre assumed dictatorial power in a military coup d’etat following the assassination of Somalia’s second President, Abdi Rashid Ali Shermarke. Barre nationalized the economy with the help of Soviet advisers and Cuban troops. His Supreme Ruling Council formulated political and legal institutions based on the Qur’an, Marx, Mao, Lenin, and Mussolini. Siad Barre explained: “The official ideology consists of three elements: my own conception of community, a form of socialism based on Marxist principles, and Islam.”.

This coup caused anarchy and widespread starvation. We will pick up this story in 1992 as Americans paid a horrendous price and yet failed to save the people of Somalia from the butchery of Islamic warlords.

– October 26, 1969: Muslims in Beirut, Lebanon bombed the car of a U.S. Embassy official in front of his home.

– November 27, 1969: In Athens, Greece, Muslim militants associated with Yasser Arafat’s Fatah threw hand grenades into the El Al Israeli Airlines office. A child was killed and 13 innocent civilians were wounded.

Two Jordanian Muslims were apprehended and sentenced to 11-year and 8-year jail terms for the murder of the child, but they were both freed after the hijacking of an Olympic Airways plane to Cairo on July 22, 1970.

One of the Muslims, Mildos Dergarabedian, was arrested again in the United States in August 1979. But rather then being imprisoned, he was deported even though he acknowledged being a member of the international terrorist group calling itself the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front. He even confessed that he was the one who tossed the hand grenade into the crowded airlines office ten years earlier which had killed the young Greek child and wounded so many others. America’s excuse for releasing the murderous Muslim militant was “he apparently slipped through the U.S. Immigration Service’s first line of defense by using his Palestinian Arabic first name, Mildos, on an application for a tourist visa. He had been convicted in Athens under his given Armenian name, Elias.

The Palestinian Popular Struggle Front was founded as an ideological splinter group of al-Fatah and the PLO. The PSF has since split and then re-joined al-Fatah and the PLO many times since its inception in 1967. The PSF‘s original leaders were Dr. Samir Ghawshah and Bahjat Abu Gharbiah. They founded the Islamic terrorist group in the West Bank before the 1967 War. By the late 1980s, Samir Ghawshah had firmly allied himself with Yasser Arafat and al-Fatah. He is still a fixture on the Palestinian political scene, holding several positions for the Palestinian Authority including Minister for Jerusalem Affairs and PLO Executive Council Member.

The Palestinian Popular Struggle Front has had its headquarters in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. The group’s most prominent attack was their 1970 hijacking of an Olympic Airways jet to Cairo. With the Red Cross mediating, the group successfully negotiated for the release of a number of terrorists, including PSF member Mildos Dergarabedian, who carried out the group’s earlier attack on Israeli Airline El Al’s offices in Athens and Mansour Marad, who later became a member of the Jordanian parliament.

– December 5, 1969: Four Muslim Militants were caught before they could attack an airliner in London. The subsequent plot on the 17th failed as a result.

– December 12, 1969: Islamic terrorists bombed the West Berlin office of Israeli El Al Airlines. No one was injured in the blast.

– December 12, 1969: Muslim militants associated with the Islamic Eritrean Liberation Front armed with pistols and explosives were killed by plainclothes security guards as they attempted to hijack an Ethiopian Airlines jet shortly after takeoff from Madrid on a flight to Addis Ababa.

In Damascus, Syria, the Eritrean Liberation Front admitted that the two slain men were members of their organization but claimed that they had not intended to hijack the airliner, merely to hand out leaflets. But on December 10, Spanish police had arrested a third ELF member at the Madrid airport for carrying explosives.

– December 20, 1969: In Islamic Turkey, a bomb was detonated outside the United States Information Services building in Ankara.

– December 21, 1969: Three Lebanese Muslims were caught as they tried to hijack a TWA plane in Athens. The flight was bound for Rome and then on to New York. The three Muslim militants, who used handguns and explosives, said that they were members of the PFLP, and that they had received orders to divert the airplane to Tunis where they were to evacuate the passengers and blow up the aircraft.

One of the hijackers confessed that he and his colleagues had planned to destroy the plane “to warn the Americans to stop providing air communications with Israel.” The three Islamic terrorists were freed after the hijacking of an Olympic Airways plane to Cairo on July 22, l970.

– December 29, 1969: Philippine terrorists attempted to assassinate U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew by bombing his car. No one claimed credit for the assault but these same tactics were deployed countless times by local Islamic groups such as the Abu Sayyaf, Jemaah Islamiyah, and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. .