To be blessed!

Hello world,

we have few days to Christmas, are you done with your shopping? Are you happy about the gifts you have bought? is your tree up and decorated? have you been humming the holiday tunes? Is your spirit lifted high?

If your answer is yes to all or even one of the above questions, i want you to take trip to downtown LA or in that matter any low income area in your town or city; you will be definitely surprise to see how blessed you are.

yesterday through our church “Liberty Temple”, and with our pastor Dan Maynard and his wife Debbie leading  we went down town and handed out about 100+ care packages to the homeless, Yeah homeless, the invisible people that most choose not to see. It was not much but to them it was allot.I’m still shaken about the way some of us live, if one can call it a living!

Well just wanted to share it with you. Merry Christmas.


2 thoughts on “To be blessed!

  1. Hi :
    I love your blog. It inspired me to sign up and start blogging! I can’t wait to keep reading what miracles happen in your life everyday. You have been such a blessing to me. I love to connect with people who love god, and want to walk a godly path. Thanks for being in my life.
    Julie-from church


  2. Hi !

    I LOVE your blog . . .

    How true that we should stop and take thought about our lives and those around us. It’s so easy to become insulated from others – and when we do, we cut off the Lord’s ability to speak to us; but most of all an opportunity to be His hands in healing the broken world around us.

    Thanks for using this media to make us all aware…..


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