Obama Poised to Betray America Through 4 UN Treaties (Video)

Originally posted on Nice Deb:

Could Obama really be on the verge of making our worst conspiracy theory nightmares about a “new world order” come true, under the radar, while most people are focused on the primaries?

Dick Morris is sounding the alarm about four uttely heinous UN treaties that are currently under consideration by the Obama administration that would surrender our sovereignty, cede power to go to war to the UN,  enact gun control, and tell us how to raise our children, if ratified by the Senate. These are treaties that the Bush administration and even Clinton administration would never have considered, but as the most radical  administration in American history enters it’s last year, all stars are in alignment for it to happen.

Here is some additional information about the treaties under consideration:

The International Criminal Court:

In a series of articles (see here, here, and here, The New American

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2 thoughts on “Obama Poised to Betray America Through 4 UN Treaties (Video)

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